Our Story

Somewhere between the scent of ghiradelli chocolates and the crisp touch of washi paper, amidst the hills of San Fransisco, over a cup of coffee, Brown Tree was born.

Brown Tree is an imaginary Oak Tree that brings everyday magic to people’s lives. Every Autumn, thousands of acorns fall but only one in ten thousand will grow into another Oak Tree.

Brown Tree is founded by two sisters Dianne Suherman and Xian Ruslan who believe that they are that one acorn. Dianne, with her quirky sense of humour, and Xian a practical geek by nature have infused whimsical magic into Brown Tree. From one tiny acorn flows a fountain of imaginative ideas. We stand behind the quaint yet exquisite beauty and gracious thoughts inspired by the simple pleasure of giving.

Brown Tree is an artisan purveyor of fine stationeries and paperie that makes every gift all the more meaningful.